Hate Crime?

25 Mar

I almost hope it was somebody else with a personal angle for her death just because I’d hate to think that there’s somebody that hates Iraqis enough to kill them in a city that has 40,000 Iraqis living in it. Even when I went to high school in El Cajon back in the early 80’s I can remember knowing Iraqis that lived there. If being Iraqi was all it took to make them murder a person with such violence they wouldn’t stop with just the first victim.

Al Himidi told KUSI-TV her mother had been beaten on the head repeatedly with a tire iron, and that the note said “go back to your country, you terrorist.”

Police Lt. Mark Coit said a threatening note was discovered “very close to where the victim was found,” but he did not disclose other details of the note. The family said they had found a similar note earlier this month but did not report it to authorities, Coit said.

Coit said the attack appeared to be an isolated incident.

“A hate crime is one of the possibilities and we will be looking at that. We don’t want to focus on only one issue and miss something else.”

It sounds like the police aren’t exactly convinced it’s a slam dunk as a hate crime too.


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