The Return of the Nuclear Family

16 Mar

I’m sure the media would be happy to spin this for Obama. They can say his economic policies has helped bring back the family values of the 50′s.

Surprisingly, most “boomerang kids” don’t mind living with mom and dad. If ever there were a stigma about living with parents through one’s late twenties and thirties, the recession and, along with it, a practical dollars-and-cents outlook on life have all but erased that perception.

Of those living at home, some 78 percent say they’re upbeat about their living arrangements, according to the Pew study, and 24 percent say it’s been good for their relationships with their parents (48 percent say it hasn’t changed their relationship).

See, it’s actually a good thing to not be able to support yourselves and sponge off of your parents for a few more decades. I love my children, but I raised them to be independent creatures. It wouldn’t be good for them to move back in for an extended period. It’s kind of like welfare in that way. We want to help people who are less fortunate, but we don’t want to make them dependent on that help to survive indefinitely.

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